Is this reallly what he meant?

So I was talking to this guy, he claimed he really liked me, loved me in fact. We weren't together, but we had met up multiple times and he kissed me many times too, we acted like a couple but were trying to take it slow. It was going amazing until all of a sudden he stopped all contact with me. I asked to meet up and his response was, in the end, 'I'm gunna be straight up honest with you I don't think I can commit to a relationship with you atm I'm sorry'. Do you think he really meant that, or is that something guys say to get out of something they don't want to be in? In need of some closure :(


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  • Excuse alert! Quite a few guys have told me that, so I know it is complete BS. He doesn't want to outright reject you, but he doesn't want to commit. In these cases you will not get closure because the guy will just talk in circles, how great you are, how much he likes you, but he believes you deserve better. Cut contact and move on.

    • Thank youuuu! We haven't spoke since, just wish he could have not been such a dick about it

    • Some people just lack guts and manners. I am better off when a guy just rejects me (nicely) vs guys making up excuses, somehow makes me feel worse.

    • Wish he understood this

  • Maybe he was saying the truth lines sound like that but don't worry dear if u wanna talk about it u can talk with me I'll help u out


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