How to be romantic by being creative or without spending money or very little money?

I really like this girl but the thing is I'm doing internship at this big firm and everybody assumes I earn a lot of money but I don't, the girl knows I'm just a simple guy, I really like this girl and I want to take things further without losing a chance with her. How should I do it?


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  • Something I did was to create an email account and I kept sending emails to it, addressed to her. I sent pics, videos etc, and basically preserved our memories by uploading it on the internet. On her birthday, I gifted her the email Id and the password. You can only imagine the smile on a girl's face when she relives those beautiful memories through your words. :-)

    • Wow! Very creative, I'll copy a bit of your work

    • Ha-ha! Glad to be of help!

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  • I don't know why but the first idea that came to me when I read this was seashells. if there's a beach around you, you can find some and try to make a cute present for her. could be a necklace or smt and you can make up a story about that seashell, just to make it more dramatic.

    • The thing is there not a lot of seashells that are on the shore, I'd have to dive deep for them

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  • Its the little things tht matter if u dnt have cash do a little picnic if she dsnt like that. u might have to rethink it or just tell her see her reaction

  • Find something important to her.

    It's slightly different but I'll give you an idea.
    My girlfriend loves horses. She used to ride 7 before she moved in with me. It'd been about 4 months since she'd even seen a horse up close. She'd been couped up at home with barely any hours work while looking for a new one so to cheer her up I took her out for the day. We went 1 hour away to an area I knew was nice and just enjoyed the views for a while, then took a detour on the way back to stop and see some horses. Even without riding them she was so happy, and even before the horses just going out and seeing a rather beautiful place made her so happy. Where she lived was a very pretty place and now living with me it's basically a city. So she very much enjoyed it.

    Paid about £15? Fuel and McDonald's 😂

    • £15 only!!! It's a great idea

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