How do you reject someone who hasn't explicitly asked you out?

I have a situation. There's a guy, who is a friend of a friend of a friend. We barely knew each other, and then all of a sudden, he started asking me to "hang out" all the time. As in just the two of us.

The first time he asked this, I agreed, because I didn't think anything of it. I'm an idiot though. Because shortly after I agreed to this, it occurred to me that this was his way of half asking me out. In other words, he likes me. He constantly says things like "I just like hearing you talk," and is much more likely to initiate physical contact than I am comfortable with. There are other things too, but I'm not going to go into too much detail because no one wants to read that.

I feel bad because I don't like him. At all. We can't hold a conversation because we have nothing in common, and he's constantly trying to impress me, and I'm just not impressed. He just makes me uncomfortable. I have been avoiding him for the past few weeks, and he's just not getting the hint. But how do you tell that to someone, when they won't be straightforward about liking you?

To my knowledge, the reason that people do things like that, is so that if he gets rejected, he can claim that he never liked me in the first place. Then it's my fault for assuming that he did, and I have a big ego, etc. I'm the jerk in that story. But if I do nothing, then I was "leading him on," regardless of the fact that I have been dropping hints left and right that he just hasn't been picking up on. Because people hear what they want to hear. I'm the jerk in that story too. No matter what I do, I'm the bad guy.

So now I don't know what to do. I have been avoiding him, but now we're on break, and campus has mostly cleared out. I'm staying on campus, because I go to school far away from home and by some sick twist of fate, he's staying on campus too. And he wants to hang out. I don't really have an excuse, and I'm scared to leave my dorm, because there is a high probability that I will run into him. Help.


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  • Just next time you see him and you're talking in the middle of it go "Name, you're a really good FRIEND"

    • What if I don't want to be his friend? He makes me uncomfortable. I would prefer not to spend time with him.

    • Then if this is how you truly feel then you need to state this to him clearly or if you feel you may not have the confidence then tell your friends to help you explain this to him

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