Girls, I keep getting mixed signals and not sure if she really likes me or not and is shy and nervous?

I seen a cute looking girl at university, I would check her out but she when she walks past she would look to the ground. So I stopped it.

But then when I'm working on group task on another table in the library she would listen in, sometimes she would look at me with confidence and other days quite nervously. For example, she would look at me then if I look back she nervously tries to smile then darts her eyes away and then back again. I thought nothing of it. Until it continued.. staring from a distance. Looking at me when I'm looking for books. Before leaving looking me up and down like she was given me the ok?

But one time I was on my laptop and directly in front of me was the printer. And this is what made me think. in order for her to see me when waiting at the printer she would have to turn completely around. she was wearing more make up etc etc and looked pretty. She knew I was there but she was acting nervous and didn't know how to stand she kept switching positions them tried and then stopped and tried to sneak a glance and looked away nervously and got embarrassed 5 minutes later she saw me talking to a girl and looked at me with confidence again. and got jelous and sad. The time after she completely avoided looking.

2 weeks after I approached her, she was nice, abit quiet, couldn't make eye contact , laughed at my jokes but kept looking at me up and down out the corner of her eyes. So I left her alone. She seemed happier after I approached because normally she's reserved.

approached a week after , she seemed nervous like twirling her hair etc. So I wanted to make her comfortable. I ask her questions about herself and she made short eye contact. She laughed at things I done that aren't funny.
Again later in that day she seen me in the class opposite I looked at her few times and she noticed me and kept looking and again talking to her friends thinking I couldnt see her.

3rd Time after i went to talk to her and her friends, ...
She couldn't make eye contact and was quiet. I tried to say sge look nice and slurred my words and her friends picked up on it. And complimebted twice more then said I have to go. And got my stuff said good luck and bye to her friends. A soon as I left she started talking about me and her friends was too and one laughed I looked and she stared. Then i was waiting to go in elevator we was just staring at each other before I got in and I am confused. ...
seen her again in library like usual and she made more effort in appearance again. And she gave me "the look" .. im confused and didn't approach like usual. And her friends noticed and kept looking
Before I approach there are strong signs she's self-conscious. But I dont get why she give all the signs mention doesn't ask me anything or doesn't look me up close then i walk off she's talking to her friends about me and staring then i stare back and sge keep staring. .


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  • Ask her to get coffee with you or if she wants to study together. She's shy. She's probably waiting for you to make the first move.

    • I approached her already because before I approached she was throwing all kinds of signs and got jelous about me talking to another girl and not her without even approaching.

      So I approached her , she was quiet couldn't make eye contact. Laughed at my lame jokes. Then after was all if a sudden happy. Later in that day she was talking about me to her friebds

      2nd approach, she made quick eye contact , was nice but still nervous. She kept twirling her hair. And again later in that day seen me in class opposite and kept looking and talking to her friebds.

      3rd Time I approach I sat beside her this time and faced her with her friends. She couldn't make eye con tact. Was quiet and I tried to compliment her but slurred my words which her friends noticed. So I complimented twice more. Then i had to leave and said good luck. A soon as I walk off she's talking to her friends, and they all looking. So waiting for elevator I stare back and we just staring before I left.

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    • True , because I'm not sure if she wants me to

    • The worst thing that could happen is she says no

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