Is a guy with lots of energy on a date a turnoff?

I'm getting really upset cause it seems every girl I go on a date with these days has a great time with me, tells me I'm really funny, but then rejects a second date or friendzones me. They invest a lot in me texting, having fun etc. It's not just one or 2 girls that have told me I'm really funny, much more now so I know it's the truth and my personality is really good.

I have a lot of energy, it's the only thing I can think of that might be turning them off. That or my looks but we won't go there as I come off confident so that shouldn't matter.

Please give me your advice,
Thanks :)


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  • Get more flirtatious.

    • Yeah I do that already, lots of touching, teasing, and usually try kiss them by the end too so they know I like them.

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    • Yeah I just mix it in to conversation here and there

    • It takes time. Perhaps you don't know from a girl from a long time, and eventually she decides to text you. It happens all the time.

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  • Go for an extrovert.

    • It doesn't matter who I go for its the same result regardless. But yeah I only really go on dates with girls that are fun like me and have good social skills.

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