How can I be less angry?

I get mad at everyone and everything. For example, I've been mad at guys my whole life, ever since I was little (I got beat up all the time by boys, and then I got made fun of and thought that no one would ever like me). And that feeling has stayed with me even until the age of 19. I only feel that the only reason guys want to date is because they only want sex. Even some of the guys I dated who "really wanted to be in a relationship" felt that a stripper would be better. I know that this isn't the case, but that's the only thing I think of. And because of this, I realize that even if I do date when It's on a good day, I honestly don't think I can ever be in a relationship because I don't think I can actually trust anyone. I've tried talking it out (and all I got was criticism and being told I'm silly and need to get over myself). Is there any way to stop being as angry? Because part of me is fine with being by myself, and the other part wants to give it a try before something bad happens again and I'm done dating for the rest of my life.


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  • Based on what you have said, you would benefit from therapy.

    You really need to be able to let go of those past incidents from childhood in order to move forward as an adult. Otherwise, you will go throughout your life like this.


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  • I am sorry that you have made such horrible experiences and of course you cannot just get over that. You are not being silly. You have the right to feel that after what you been through. The person you talked to should really feel ashamed to say that to you.

    It is natural for you to feel like you cannot thrust men if you made really traumatic experiences, but you should realize that not all men are like this. There are kind guys out there. Once you are able to open up you will see this.

    However, this is not something, which can happen over night. It would be the best for you to go to therapy. This is nothing to be ashamed of and with the help of professionals you will surely one day be able to date men. You are young now and I am sure you will be able to control you anger if you are guided.

    Just understand that the guys who did hurt you are gone and cannot hurt you anymore. Don't give them the satisfaction that they can still get under your skin!