Ask her out on a date or tell her how I feel and ask if she would go out with me?

After some time I have made up my mind and decided I’m gonna make a move. I still have some doubts but gotta at least give it a shot.

So I don’t want to write too long of a question so I’ll keep the preliminary background brief.

This is the second semester of first year at uni we’re the same course (applied computing) we’ve known each other since pretty much the very start of the first semester (roughly 4 months). I feel it’s very mature to first become good friends so you know what you’re getting yourself into and then make a move. On the other hand this can also be seen as/lead to the friendzone.

Here’s the thing tho, in the most recent development of our relations things have gotten more physical. Snuggling/cuddling, on a bench, on a couch under a blanket on occasion (she’d tell me to come under the blanket) that was on one occasion I was at her place. But in public places as well. She’ll put her head my shoulder and then I’d occasionally put my arm around her and if we happen to be on a couch even lie back/down her head on my chest or just below my head.

Anyways with some not so brief background in place, the question: Since I’ve know her for quite a while and since we’re this comfortable with each other; am I better off just telling her about my feeling towards her and ask if she’d go out with me or ask her out on a proper date?

Asking her if she’d go out with me (as in be my girlfriend) sounds very highschooly/teenageish.

Whilst asking her out on a date seems very formal and considering our relation is very casual and we see each other on the regular at uni it doesn’t seem the right option.Ask her out on a date or tell her how I feel and ask if she would go out with me?


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  • I thing you should tell her what you feel, honesty is the key, and if she feels the same as you then you can go on a date


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