What should I do?

My friend was driving us to the mall to but valentines gift for her boyfriend and my husbsnf. My friend was cheating on her boyfriend and texting at a red light and she was texting and not paying attention she went and a truck driver slammed into our car as sometimes hit the truck and my friend got a concussion from the accident that's all and she is trying to make it up to me for breaking my leg and arm and even fracturing my knee from my already sprained knee from work.

I can't have sex with my husbsnf on Valentine's day and barely walk as well. She is doing everything she can to make it up to me. She even took me home as my husbsnf is on a business trip and doesn't get home until sometimes next week and he cannot leave.


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  • That must have been terrifying! I'm sorry to hear you and your friend went through that. I am unclear what your question is. Are you asking what you should do while you wait for your husband, what to do for valentines day, or whether to tell your friend's boyfriend she is cheating on him?

    • Valentines day and I know she is cheating on him and would you forgive her if she gotten you a broken leg and arm and even fracturing my knee and broken ribs as well

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    • @Greaver Yeah that really sucks. She doesn't seem like a good friend either.

    • especially texting while driving you shouldn’t text in a car unless your not the driver period and you should never cheat if you want something else break up don’t force a guy to take the heart break from being cheated on

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  • That’s not a friend a friend doesn’t put you in those situations a friend doesn’t cheat on her boyfriend she’s distasteful and disloyal those are 2 bad quality’s

    • I was trying to give her a second chance and I tried telling her i cannot lie to your boyfriend and my best friend anymore

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    • It definitely would be especially without greed

    • Yep it would

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  • What are you asking?

  • What is a husbsnf?

    Sue her for the recklessness.

    • Husband sorry it auto corrects for me to that for some reason

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