How to fake it while dating...

I've been depressed for many years now (i've tried therapy and medication, and none of it works). I've also been interested in dating, but the thing I'm worried about is a guy I'm interested in noticing that I'm depressed or angry (and I'm like this most of the time). I've tried many times to stop being like that but nothing seems to work. Does anyone have any advice on how to fake it or hide it or something?

ps. I'm not into religion or anything like that


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  • You can fake it, but don't expect it to last too long. You really should get help for your issues before you start a relationship with someone, unless that person is already aware of your problems. If you try to hide it, it will eventually surface and most likely tear your relationship apart. I have lived with depression most of my life and only recently realized how bad it was when my wife of almost 5 years told me that she wanted a divorce. It was only then did I realize how it had been affecting me and my marriage, and it made me really want to get help and fix myself. I am currently in therapy. Of course, my wife has her own issues too, and part of those most likely stem from my depression. I didn't hide it when I first met her, but over the years it just caused me to withdraw from the world around me, something that caused us to drift apart. Having a healthy relationship with someone is a great thing, but you have to be mentally prepared for it. If you fake it and the relationship goes South, it will only make your depression worse. Get help before you do anything else.

    • That's some powerful experience and advice.

      Touche good Sir. Best of luck to all of you!

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  • You can't fake it; it'll never work. People will see right thru it

    You just need to confront who or whatever made you feel like this in the first place.

    My advice would be to just find something you like to do for fun and let it occupy your time, preferably something that doesn;t involve a computer.


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  • so you are writing this as a cry for help? Faking it or hiding it only works for awhile, And if you get into dating and meet someone your really into, eventually they will catch on, doesn't matter how good you are at faking it.

    So my advice is work on getting you "better" then work on the dating thing. you said you have tried therapy and medication already, there are many different kinds of med's and combinations are endless. when you are on them you should see improvement in 6 weeks for sure, so if it ant working tell your psychiatrist that you want to try something new( I have found with the mental health system that you have to be quite demanding to get what you need) Work through the combinations till you find what works for you. And as a personal advice, find something like a hobby that you can "zone out" on or relax with. Personally I like to draw, so when pressures build I pick up a couple pencils and flip my brain to auto pilot. So when I come back to reality my mind is more focused and I don't slip back into old habbits. If you have any other questions feel free to msg me. I am Bipolar and about 1/2 of my family lives with it too. So I like to think of myself as having a little knowledge on the subject

    • You like to draw? Do you just draw random things that you picture in your head? or you draw landscapes, things you see? Sorry to ask, I'm into art too, but I can never think of anything to draw/paint. so I'm just curious.

    • When I first started it was just random things, I then started to learn a little and got a little bit of tallent, Now when I sit down and draw I typically draw people or angels or fairies(dark kind). So I use a model out of a magazine that I like how they are positioned, And just go to town, usually do the whole picture in one about 3-8 hours. Like I said its my zoneing time

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