Girls would you date a bank robber?

I want to become a professional bank robber.

I have everything I need to success.

But I want to know, is it possible to have a relationship with a girl when she now I'm a robber?

If you are in a date with someone and he's a professional bank robber, what will you do?


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  • Find a bankrobber girl, man. You can be like Bonnie and Clyde.


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  • First of all, I'd like to know how you become a 'professional' bank robber.

    Second, how could we spend all that money when the IRS automatically checks purchases over 10k.

    Third, if I was on a date with a guy and he told me he was a pro bank robber, I'd laugh. And then be very confused as to how criminals can become professionals. For example, have you ever heard of a professional drug dealer?

    • Maybe he should replace the word professional with specialized lol.

      And about #2, you spend around. Never in big sums at one play. One of the ways to launder money :)

  • A.) the girl would be after you for the money

    B.) the girl is secretly FBI

    C.) She is so in love with you, and is planning on happily ever after, ruining her life

  • Well I guess if I liked the guy sure I would date him, but I ain't waiting 10 years for him to get outa jail and may I just say that posting that you want to rob a bank is not the smartest thing in the hole damn world now is it. Yes I am aware it is anonymous but ya really think the FBI can't breach this? Yea maybe you should train a little more every detail counts. Ya need a good partner in crime or your going to jail :) lol

  • omg. funniest question I've read in a long time

  • BAHAHAH nooooo not in reality.. If it was a dream, than psssh, hell yes. But in the end, the bad guys always get caught. You can become something else that doesn't involve going into jail


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  • (facepalms) ugh, the legality of this post!

    First of all, let's transform your egnland into English:

    I want to become a professional bank robber. I have everything I need to succeed. However, I want to know whether having a relationship with a girl, who knows I'm a robber, is possible. What would a girl do if she finds out that the guy she's on a date with is a bank robber?

    The issue of how to launder the money has always been through real estate.

    (1) You find a seller

    (2) You draft a contract that contains a termination clause

    (3) "Both parties reserve the right to terminate this agreement at any time; termination must be communicated in writing."

    (4) The buyer has $1,000,000 in cash ready

    (5) The seller understands it's going to be a "money-under-the-table" transaction

    (6) During the closing, you let both attorneys know buyer & seller are going for a cigarette

    (7) Buyer & Seller count the money (cash)

    (8) If either one isn't satisfied (ie. money is missing) either can terminate (see Note 2 & 3)

    (9) Assuming both are satisfied, the property is sold for $9,000 on record

    (10) The seller may even get to claim a capital loss on the sale

    (11) The buyer now has a $9,000 basis on the property

    (12) But the buyer has now acquired an asset with a recorded value of $9,000 (that's really worth $1,000,000) and has successfully excused the illegally obtained money. As more illegal money is earned, the owner can simply use the funds to renovate the property (without reporting it as an improvement).

    (13) The effect is that the owner can now rent the property he supposedly bought for $9,000; and earn legal income (rent), which may be increased through improvements.

    (14) The owner might also contract with the renovators that the payment is simply a "pre-payment" and agree to be invoiced at a much later time. This will have the effect of allowing the owner to report to improvement to the IRS on his taxes (which was paid for by illegal money), allowing him to take depreciation expense, AGAINST MONEY LEGALLY EARNED (rent)

    Yes, yes; I know.

    But that just makes him a "sophisticated" bank robber, who has the "know-how" on covering his @ss and not getting caught. The question of how a robber becomes a "professional" robber is still left open. Though the question of how a drug dealer becomes a "professional" drug dealer is resolved; he becomes a pharmacist.

  • You have everything you need to succes? Except grammar, which maybe is why you're resorting to bank robberies. But seriously dude, I was looking into something like casino heists, something REALLY EXCITING! I need a partner, interested?

    • Yea man, but I live in europe. That's why my grammar is not perfect.

    • I see. Well Europe usually makes for better settings in movies, except for the classic Vegas heist. I say the LBMA in London is a good start...

  • Bank robbery is respectable, but the ladies love a guy into racketeering. I should know.