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So I've noticed that a lot of online dating services (mainly tinder in my experience, but there are others) have a giant influx of men, and the women can basically pick any guy they want out of a giant pool (not hating on girls saying they have it easy or whatever, just pointing it out). So now I was wondering: ladies, what can a guy do to make himself and his profile stand out?


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  • Men do the same thing you should know.. frankly it's quite difficult to be completely sure if someone is a match for you, so try to be open and honest. If it does work, it will give you the best results. The games you've played and like, certain opinions, and major plans or ideas or even lifestyles

    • From my personal experience it seems girls have way more choice generally speaking, unlike men which on sites like tinder have very low match rates. That isn't their fault of course, but it does make it harder for men to find someone online unless they're the top of the line in a certain area. I'm not top of the line, I'm just average thats all. And I have been honest in my profiles describing myself in numerous different ways but still truthfull ways. It just hasn't resulted in anything really

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    • That's just sad.

    • Sure is, but unfortunately not my rules to change, thats why its been hard for me to go to clubs and such

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  • First thing you need to do is identify your target group an structure your profile to attract them (should not be too broad). Indicate your interests, for example. Good photos showing you having fun are also good.

    • I've had such photo's for a long time, but they never seem to work much wonders, I've also tried a variety of bio's from describing my personality in detail to stating my hobbies aswell as personality to havimng a short and to the point bio, none have really gotten me further either. I have also linked my spotify and instagram to show that my account is real. But after a good half year I've gotten a handfull of matches, which ended up being people that either immediately unmatched, people that unmatched after my opener (but those were also the kind of profiles that would not have more than one sentence bio's so there was almost nothing to make a clever opener with. Then I had one girl I talked with for a while but it was like talking to a wall and she didn't seem to interested so I unmatched, and my most recent has not responded to my opener for 1.5 weeks now, but hasn't unmatched either

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    • TBH, I'm surprised an 18 year old guy is doing online dating.

    • You'd be surprised how many 18 year olds are on apps like tinder, even people who changed their age to 18 but in their bio state they're actually 15-16-17 etc

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