I need date ideas?

I have been talking to this girl for about a week and i wanted to take her out, she's 13 and im 15 so its not like a huge age gap, i wanted to take her someplace that shell remember and think about, she doesn't get many requests from other guys but she's really pretty, i know she likes me, and so does her friend (but i already have my eyes set) and I don't know what to do. I was thinking the movies because were kinda young and its not like were going to any fancy restaurant or anything but i wanted to make her feel special for a day.


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  • Focus on school, girls are a dime a dozen. All the shit you do in high school isn't important. I wouldn't even date in today's world because if you send her nudes or you send her nudes. You will both be on the sex offender registration. If you have sex your legally a rapist. However if you feel she's worth the risk take her to dennys/IHOP movies
    Or fair followed by a romantic somewhere that's not without lights.


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  • See a movie, bowling, pool, amusenent park, carnival, skating rink regular or ice, video arcade if you have one in your area, icecream date, etc


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