Girls, Gilrs! waht's wrong with me?

the only unsolved question in my life! i'm 23 yo, never been in a relationship. i'm not very ugly! ( at least i don't think that i am! lol ), 180cm , average muscular.
i'm not shy at all, not introverted, not depressed and etc, i'm very confident, i've many friends and i don't find any abnormal quality in me.
but girls don't like me, when i walk in the street i see most of girls and women looking at me with hate, and the girls that i've approached after talking to me a little bit always said: "sorry not interested", "i've boyfriend", "sorry i should go now i've to do something" and etc. i've had many matches on tinder but they usually delete me after talking to me a little bit.
girls don't take me seriously, they look at me and talk to me like i'm just a kid!
i really appreciate if you girls honestly enlighten me..
P. S. i'm not like elliot rodger and i don't have any problem being alone forever! :) and i love all the people, but just curiousity, you know...


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