Girlfriend is still friends with ex?

okay, they had a 11 month relation. The guy was kinda Agressive and wanted to get into her pants, a lot. They were really close friends before the relationship aswell. So after they broke up we started dating. The ex never got over her. 2 months into our relation, and she's still friends with that guy. I warned her about how the ex still wants to make a come back. she even admitted at first. Now the ex has a new girlfriend. All of a sudden my girlfriend now becomes 'bestfriends' with her ex. We haven't even kissed yet as I've been giving her time to get over the ex, to which she says she's over with. She had madeout with the ex when they were in their relation first week off, and here I am wondering where the actual fuck we're off to. I even said how I wanted to help her erase her past. And things have been going slow. I'm insecure, cuz my girlfriend and her ex are in the same grade and class. She mentions the ex quite much and after reading my not soo happy face she taunts me asking if I'm jealous.
Its either that I really don't understand girls, or I'm in for a heartbreak.

Any premonitions?


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  • She can't move on and leave her past behind. Don't waste your time, if she's already "best friends" with her ex, well, that's not good at all

    • then there's the whole, 'Don't you trust me?' crap that she's serving me now. Do I trust her?

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    • It will be hard either of you, but mostly you, cuz I believe you love her and she's... she's not even nice to you! Calling you jealous over situations that normally you should be angry on her. If you're in another relationship, you shouldn't talk about your past realtionships and especially with boyfriend! I would say that's a shame and you should leave her to chase that guy. But do whatever you want. Good luck

    • When she says the nicest things and then you fall for her. She says everything that's promising and you could never get over her. I want a refund.

  • Bounce cause you're a rebound. Move on.

    • I legit asked her once if I was the rebound. She said that Im not and that she's 'serious' about me

    • It doesn't matter what she said, her actions say you're a rebound.

  • Unfortunately from personal experience, get out while you can. I know that's the easy option that most don't want to hear but this girl seems to be putting a lot interest into this ex if she really wants to just be friends with him then she wouldn't be hung up on him. No two relationships are going to be alike. Now there's a history between them. Just ask yourself is she really worth it? If she is then find a way.


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