Guy cancelled hangout- how do I respond?

So I’ve gave him my number and invited him to go hangout with my friend and I.
I can tell he’s not interested but he replies to my messages.
So we were supposed to go out today but he cancels and says he has a family dinner and asks if I can go out tomorrow.
I would like to hangout but I can tell he’s not geniunely interested. I could tell he’s a nice guy but doesn’t know how to say he’s not interested.
How do reply to say it’s ok but let’s not just text anymore in a nice way?


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  • He isn't interested because you are also inviting your cock-blocking friend.

    • But he tried to reschedule?
      After I sent him a message he replied saying that we can go another day.
      I’m not sure if that means okay great see you never in underlining tone :(

  • he thinks you friendzoned him, goodjob now he feels terrible.

    • Great job, try to guilt trip her more

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    • My personality would send the picture aha.
      You’re right. I have to be myself to even see if he will like me for me. If he doesn’t then he will drift away without having to contact me or replying to me. Dating is so hard... -_-
      I don't know how to do this

    • well, if i told you what to do, as in giving you the choice i would think is better it would not only not reflect your personality to something that might be more disfavorable for that guy, and i dont feel like i should have such influence on someone, outside of it its morally wrong to tell someone to do something if it wouldn't be something someone would or would not do, and i agree dating is hard, im just very shy in front of women, i guess everyone has different issues.

  • If you don't think he wants to go just say you can't tomorrow but maybe another time and just drift apart cuz it wasn't meant to be

    • I did exactly as you said.
      He replied don’t worry we can go out another day.

      Does that mean he won’t reply? Or should I send him a picture of the event that I invited him to later.
      I have no idea how this stuff works :(
      I would like to get to know him but I don’t want to be pushy..

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