If a girl really liked you before but has obviously settled into being a reluctant friend what can you do to at least try and make it a relationship?

You don’t have to read this but if you want more info here it is. So first off I don’t date anymore and haven’t had sex in years. I had a few really bad relationships that made me want to remove myself from the dating game entirely and just learn to be alone for awhile. I ended up really enjoying it. However, I don’t want to stay this way forever so I’m trying to start dating again but things are very different from before. While in my dating hiatus this weird thing started happening where I no longer had to work for attention from girls. I never texted, never called, never asked, and barely ever flirted and when I did flirt it was almost entirely through body language. I’m always kind, supportive, and attentive to these girls but that’s about it nothing I wouldn’t do for anyone else. Girls went from just giving me a chance to taking time out of their day to hunt me down often with free food, unrequest help, and small gifts. Only problem is I have absolutely no clue how to transfer this weird abundance of uncourted attention into an actual relationship. Usually girls through this cycle of trying really hard then giving up and disappearing for a while often “seriously” dating other guys while constantly either checking for my opinion of him, avoiding letting me know he exists, or sparingly bragging about him while watching for my reaction. Sometimes all three but like clockwork they break up with said guy and start trying hard again often with a calmer less pushy/urgent feel. This is when I usually start finding her attractive because I actually get to know them as normal people and not someone trying to persuade me into something. But I don’t know what to do to progress from here into an actual relationships. So I just sit confused about what to do until something more permanent happens that keeps us apart.


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  • Quit it whining like this.

    • I didn’t think I was but it’d be dope if you could point out where. I mean like nobody likes a whiny batch and I’m always good with the growth.

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