A man with a serious girlfriend gets very over protective and jealous?

He gets over protective over certain situations with me
He gets mad when I talk to other men
He gets mad when men talk to me
He is always trying to observe me
But he has a serious girlfriend. At least supposedly
It’s more his body language that shows it than his actually words for the most part. I’m really good at reading body language. One tome I called a man hot and he walked away angry and my manager had to calm him down.
Yet he doesn’t really talk to me that much. If he does he gets very nervous or very very corny


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  • That is very bad

    • How so

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    • Thank god I don’t work there. But I went there today to pick something up. There was a new manager. I saw one other co worker. He saw me and got quiet. The guy I’m talking about had his back faced to me but he seemed very tense. He later turned around and say hi, but very silently. I ignored him (gave him a don’t talk to me vibe) and he just walked away.

    • Keep away. He's a problem

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