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Girls, Is this girl worth my time?

(Coming from a guy who usually knows all the answers to these sorts of questions and rarely asks for help)

So I've been talking to this girl for a few months I quite like her and we text or Snapchat all the time and signing those convos she often portrays that I'm the one she likes. However whenever the topic of meeting up in person is brought up she's always saying things like "we will see" or "hopefully" and when it comes round to the weekend where it would be perfect situation to do it. She either dodges the question or goes dark on all social media and texting. I' like to say my mind doesn't jump to she's sleeping with someone else and I'm just her nice guy plan B. I feel like I've given her months worth of chances and I never pressure her. I just want to know is it still worth investing my time with this girl?
Girls, Is this girl worth my time?
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