How many girls out there are left that actually want a nice guy not a guy that uses and cheats are there any left?


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  • I'm pretty sure there's many of us who are still into nice guys dude...

    • I keep being told I'm to nice and get broken up with

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    • Just stop looking, she'll come to you. It's funny how this works most of the time. When you keep looking for something, you can't seem to find it. But once you stop, it finds you😂

    • Yea it's funnybthat way i agree but I will probably turn down ever girl who trys I don't habe much confidence in myself afee all I have been threw. I just want to make sure I save my daughter the same pain teach her how to take care of herself so she never needs a man to do anything for her. I can teach her how to repair walls Windows cars electrical device's she will never need anyone. Plus I have the added bonus since she was to she has helped daddy work on cars handing me wrenches. I'm blessed how much that girl loves me I only want to find a women not only to make me happy but can teach her things I can not I do understand I'm a guy I don't know how to be a women I only know how to be a man.

  • I’m sure no girl wants a guy that uses and cheats..

    • I don't know tell that to my last 4 ex's who cheat on me with a guy that uses cheated and or abused them

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    • lol Okay, she’s lucky. Good luck to you.

    • Thank you for caring but I have hard life it's a miracle I am who I am today but its choices I have made to be this way I feel to broken to try agian. I have been threw so much pain I just want to save my daughter

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