My boyfriend just admitted he was a psychopath?

I’m just dumbstruck but not entirely. I kinda saw it. I remember early in the relationship he had acted a certain way that made me look up what a psychopath or socio path was. He’s been a completely amazing boyfriend to me though. He’s treated me with respect, gone out of his way to do things for me, he’s never been a jerk towards me. He’s actually helped me in my life a little.

He said he was diagnosed with schizophrenia, bipolar, autism, and psychopathy?

One of these must must be a lie or something.

But what conflicts be is sometimes it doesn’t seem like it. Before he told me this, he’s confronted me about stuff he was worried about and cried in front of me. He told me he felt bad for me once cause I once did something for him and he couldn’t return the favor at the moment. There have been times when he has placed himself below the pedestal. He’s called himself fat, I complimented him on being an awesome guy (I can’t remember entirely what I said but it was positive) but he didn’t take the compliment. He suggests doing stuff that aren’t sexual when he could’ve easily just have done something sexual. He was the one who asked what are we and wanted to be in a relationship.

So is h really?


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  • As someone who has studied psychology for over twenty years I need you to listen to what I am about to tell you. Get away. Far away. Leave and do not let him know where you are. Get as far away as possible as quickly as you can.

    • I’ll take your advice. But if I may ask, what can you tell me?

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    • You mean being a psychopath? If you read psychology for over 20 years you would know that there are a huge amount of well functioning psychopaths in our society that never have physically hurt someone and never will.

      Generally a traumatic childhood of those that are psychopaths is the reason their aggressive gene is activated and sets them on that path.

      I think he is lying about something. There is no way he has all those diagnoses without being very handicapped and you would be able to notice it within 5 minutes with him.

    • He definitely has some problems and I would be cautious too but I'm very sure he is lying about something.

      It doesn't add up. If he doesn't meds which with all his diagnoses would be difficult to get a good combination that works properly. Without meds he would act crazy.

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  • Truly he wants you to stay the hell out of his life by admitting all of that crazy stuff. You’d better run for it girl 😂


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  • All of those are very serious diagnoses which requires a lot of medical help. Both schizophrenia and bipolar in themselves require a lot of medication. Autism is often noticeable in a person. Autism combined with all the rest would make a person very handicapped and I doubt it to be true.

    You can live with schizophrenia or bipolar and still function. There are many famous and successful people with Bipolar but it's definitely a handicap and some things that are easy for others can be really difficult for someone with Bipolar. It also depends what type you have which are different severity.

    Psychopath rarely admit to these things if at all. If they admit it means they don't see it as bad and maybe even the opposite. Psychopaths doesn't have to be dangerous but they lack empathy and can't understand others emotions. They can understand that someone is sad or angry etc but can't relate to it. They have adapted by seeing how others react and what you should do. But they don't really understand why you for example console someone that is sad.

    Honestly it's very unlikely he has all these diagnoses and it would be very visible if he did have. I don't know why he would say that though.

    I have a bipolar mom so I've spent a lot of time reading. I also am familiar with schizophrenia and psychopaths.

    • I'd be very cautious. He is most likely lying about something. Also you don't want to be involved with someone with all these diagnoses. Even if he may be a good person, people with these diagnoses can't work or fully function in society. Bipolar especially can be very tricky to even find correct medicine, it can take several years and in my mom's case after 6 years she still has not found medicine that works well. She suffers from deep depressions and she can't work because any stress shuts her off. She easily gets distracted or confused and sadly when interacting with other people it can be visible that she is ill. This is with medication and everything.

      All of these are big handicaps in themselves, remember that. Combined I don't think that person could even function. Usually those people end up on the streets with drug addictions.

  • I don't know what to call him I'm not gonna judge but I'm getting the vibe. That he can't perform maybe because his mined is constantly racing. An he gets his self so nervous. That when a man gets nervous that sensational feeling leaves you then it feels uncomfortable an awkward. Am I on the same page?

  • Ah don't worry, even if he's an nutjob, he's a nutjob that loves you. Having one as a boyfriend can be advantageous!

    • I’m just worried I’ll get hurt in the long run. or manipulated cause that’s partially what they’re known for. But again I don’t entirely believe it.

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    • Sometimes they need somebody. Psychopaths and sociopaths need people too. Sometimes it's a materialistic need for a goal, sometimes it's love.

    • Sorry for asking tons of questions but I thought socio/psychopaths can’t feel love?

  • He may well be, which puts you in danger...
    If he is bs'ing he's certainly unstable that is for certain, be very careful...

  • I dunno sounds like a bit of bs on his part.

    • What exactly is bs? Like him being a psycopath? Things he does? Says?

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    • He does take medication. I’ve seen some of the pill bottles

    • Yeah I would move on. You don't want to be involved with this level of crazy.

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