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What should I do? I need help?

Well there's a girl that I want so badly.. We started to chat and video call for 2 years and 4 months now.. I expressed my feeling to her 3 months ago and she said she have the same.. But she acted the opposite of what she said.. She told me she wants me but she's not ready.. I understand it bcoz she had 2 ex bfs who's from the same country as me.. She started to lie a lot and cancell every meeting we schedule in the last minute.. 2 days ago I approached her ex boyfriend to get some tips and she got angry and she started ignoring me literally.. She read my messeges but she doesn't reply.. I apologized and I sent her some romantic messeges but no good.. Today morning I learned that she's talking anther guy and she seems attracted to him.. And now I don't know what to do and how can I win her back.. I need help please
What should I do? I need help?
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