How would you prefer to meet your one-night stand partner?

In a pub, on the dance floor, sober/ under influence, alone/with your friends... Anything about the circumstances youd want to be in when you meet the person.. Also write where you live. :)


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  • Well one time I was visiting Las Vegas with my family, and while my parents and brother were shopping I only cared about taking picture of anything I would found interesting. For a moment I was having issues with my camera and there was so many people trying to get through the hall that it was hard to focus, I just felt a guy talking behind me saying “you can get a better quality if you place the camera like this” and he grabbed my camera and my hand, it was odd to me to see how he was smiling and ignoring the people walking by while talking to me. He was good looking and def. moved took my attention. He invited me for a coffee, we had a great time together but I had to leave Las Vegas two days after.

    So if after that experience, I would expect something similar, a complete stranger in an unexpected time and place. 😊

    • Bow that was quite a story! :)
      Thanks for sharing!

    • You’re welcome & yes it was a nice experience, I apologize the long comment though!

    • Not a problem at all!

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  • Bridgette B at the cinema, sober and ready to go

  • Drunk with friends, location doesn't matter.


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