Would you prefer to date a foreigner or a local? And why?

Assuming that you would have to communicate in another language other than your mother tongue.
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  • Local.. The only ones that can give me Swedish children..

    • Uppskattar din ärlighet... även om det är totalt blind racism. :(

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    • Vad ändrade din åsikt?

    • Dit sista svar. Det var en perfekt förklaring av dina argumenter. Och jag håller med dig att kulturella skillnader kan vara lite avskräckande.
      Också som trodde, var det du skrev i början inte egentligen samma som din argumentation efteråt. :)

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  • Most definitely a foreigner (I live in Europe, BTW).

  • I enjoy the company if foreigners because we can exchange knowledge on eachother's cultures, and they'd have a cool accent. I like local too though, because you have pop culture and nostolgia in common. Pros and cons to both

    • Yep but does cool accent and exchange of knowledge are convincing enough to get into a date, long term eventually? Or is having a common culture a winning factor?

    • I wouldn't say a winning factor. I could easily get into a long term relationship with one, as long as we can speak the same language, I personally suck at learning another language lol. It'd also be fun to get her into stuff I like n vice versa. I only mentioned the common stuff because I'm nostalgic (comes with my generation lol) but I can talk with friends n family about stuff like that. It'd be the girl herself I'd be interested, not just her hobbies/lifestyle

    • Heh. I see what you mean. :) being nostalgic is an all-genetation issue i would say. But then as long as you have other friends around to enjoy the common pop culture with, I don't think it would be a serious factor in a relationship.

  • A local always. Have tried both and that's my preference from my previous experiences.

  • Foreigner to discover about other cultures and languages


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