If you were friends with your current partner before becoming a couple, How many years were you platonic friends before dating?

And I mean Platonic friends. If you had flings, it doesn’t count.
  • A few months
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  • 6 months
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  • 1 year
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  • 2 years
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  • 3 years
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  • 4 years
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  • Over 5 years
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  • A few months, if it had gone on longer i probably would have only viewed him as a friend still but he went for it by telling me he liked me and things just kinda worked itself out.

    • Friend zone? What would have happened if he lied at the start and said he only sees you as a friend?

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    • Fear of losing the friendship?

    • If he said he only saw me as a friend I would probably only view him that way

  • We were friends for a few months

    • How did you start dating?

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    • Started when? After he told you? Did you act awkward initially?

    • I started to like him after about a month of being friends. We both acted a little awkward throughout our friendship and when we started dating due to our social anxiety

  • Well, does it count as a fling if we sexted? Or if we had feelings for one another and almost got together but didn't quite?

    • That wasn’t completely platonic friendship.

    • We pretty much had those situations to varying extents for nearly two years before getting together

    • So not platonic. Platonic means no sexual tension.

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