How to find out politely if a date is sexually compatible with you?

Yes romance and personality is important too. But so as sex. So put aside the deep thoughts for a minute and let's be shallow for a sec.
How do you, with a few questions or acts, find out she's on the same page with you sexually? As well for kinks and feishes?
I want to know if she's compatible sexually in beginning of dating. cuz if not , I know I haven't invested too much yet.

*I have girls told me that this is shallow, but this is me as a guy, i got needs. The same for when I put (extra) effort to be romantic to meet specific individual girl's needs too*


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  • Tell her straight out what your kinks and fetishes are. When she tells you that she is not into them you will know that you're not compatible.

  • “This is me as a guy. I got needs.”

    I stopped taking this whole question seriously when I read that

    • Why? Because I have to suppress my biological need to reproduce as a male mammal?

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    • Thats the hard part. How do i let her start the convo? 2 weeks in? 2months in? 5 months? (I mean a deep serious talk about sex) Then just to realize you're not compatible. Then feelings get hurt cuz both invested into each other already too much.

    • Well. First don’t tell her immediately during the first date bc that’s just... no.
      Maybe you could do it like a month in... start asking FIRST what her kinks are.

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