Hooking up with one guy, dating another?

Okay, so I've been hooking up with my ex-boyfriend. We've talked and established that neither of us want a relationship with each other, and that this is strictly a hook-up situation. But around the time I started hooking up with him again, I started dating another guy. We have fun together, but I'm not sure if this will turn into anything more serious nor am I sure I want it to. In the meantime, is it wrong for me to keep getting together with my ex? I'm not in a committed relationship with either guy, and I don't want to stop hooking up with my ex if I don't know what's going to happen (or if I want anything to happen) with this other guy. Obviously if I decide I'm okay with things going further with the other guy I'll break things off with my ex, but right now I'm not sure how to handle the situation.


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  • I personally don't see anything wrong with what you're doing unless you are sleeping w both guys. If you are, then you should be honest with both of them. I've been in the same boat... It can be a sticky situation if thongs do get serious with the new guy. Does the ex know you are seeing somebody?

    • We've never talked about it, and it's a little strange to bring up. I just assumed that he wouldn't expect me to be only dedicated to him since we're both aware that this is strictly a hook-up situation (I have no illusions about him sleeping with other girls). I'm pretty sure he wouldn't care either way, as long as I'm not cheating on anyone with him. I'm more concerned about how the new guy would feel if he found out, though I'm not sleeping with him.

  • If you make sure they both know about it and they don't mind then there's nothing wrong with it...