Was in the wrong?

the guy i am seeing was leaving for two months... on his last night here he came over... we fooled around and during his sleep i couldnt stop kissing him because he was going to leave me for two months... he got pissed and went to sleep in his car because he couldnt sleep... when he left he left my door open after he wanted to kiss me goodbye but i pushed him off me... he was like ok and he left...


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  • i think perhaps you're both in the wrong, not by the situation but by the way you guys acted and temper you got out of each other?

    • ok... explain

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    • no he s gone now but i think he is just using me for sex

    • oh damn im sorry,,, you don't deserve that girl://

  • Kinda yes.. as you 2 already fooled around and finished and he wanted to rest.
    Why going to the car though !! Thats the stupid part.
    Can you describe the way you pushed him off and in what attitude?

    • i said f u... he already put his clothes on

    • because i wouldn't listen to him... thats why he went to his car

    • And he couldn't go to any other room?
      Hmmm tone of voice and the way you probably said it weren't nice at all.. especially at the wrong timing. He expected you to have understood why he slept outside.. and came to kiss you good bye as if its passed over.

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