What should I say?

I have met this really cute girl on a dating website, what should I say to impress her , how do I win her over?


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  • What do you know about her, e. g., what are her interests? That will determine it.

    • Not much really , I have very recently met her

    • You should use what information is in her profile to break the ice (I only contact women that have something in common with me). Say you read her profile found it interesting, and then segue into whatever she indicated in her profile, e. g, where she has traveled. i would avoid complimenting her on her appearance, though, to focus on other things and differentiate yourself from the other guys.

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  • God only knows man. Everyone is completely different. There isn't a sure fire way to get every girl. Just find something in her profile that you can kinda relate to and see if y'all can get a conversation going. If she messages back, fantastic. If not, just going to have to move on.


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