My boyfriend giving my gifts to other girls is this a reason to break up forever?

Hey, I broke up with my boyfriend for a day and we got back together later on. The reason I ended the relationship was because he decided to take back a gift he gave me and gave it to his female friend. He didn’t told me anything I found out myself. It really hurt me. On the other hand I broke the golden rule which was not to snoop but I had to because he wasn’t giving me answers. He lied to me saying he never talks to girls but then I saw on his media that he has been talking to this girl until 1am or 2am daily. Their convo is innocent but still it’s disrespectful that he did such thing plus that he lies to me soooo much. He loves giving gifts and helping people. He also said my action had consequence so he will change his devices password and will hide them too. I want my relationship work. Any advice on how to be? Did I do the right decision to stay?


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  • Really well I think you should kick his ass out the door he gave away your gifts is he for real! What kinda off fucking cunt is he! Omfg I'd be so fucking mad if that were me love you need to leave him you don't need that in your life


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  • This doesn't sound like a great relationship, to be honest.

    Maybe you both should move on, and find someone you can trust.

    • I still have hopes , been with him for 3 years now. He said to me he’s never gonna change hisself for me but I don’t want that I just want him to have boundaries. I don’t do any of those things to him but yet he could to me.

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    • What I’m sure of is that he’s been faithful. I know almost every girl he chats with but some of them I don’t. He is currently only talking to one girl and that doesn’t bother me what hurt me is that he lied and gave something that he got for me to someone else. He I very social and friendly and I’m the complete opposite.

    • What if you marry this guy? Is he going to be "social and friendly" like this for the rest of his life?

      Do you want to be with someone like that?

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  • You made the wrong decision to stay because his behaviour is manipulative. He obviously lies a lot. and has no respect for you. Why would he lie about an innocent conversation. And giving the gift that was yours to someone else is so hurtful and enough reason to break up.

  • Are you sure “boyfriend” is the right term to use here? May want to go with something more appropriate like “jack ass I used to date”

    • He’s my boyfriend A the moment so I’m suppose to call him that. Thanks for ur comment tho.

  • Yes , u boyfriend has helping mentality , its harder to find people like this


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