What should I do I need help?

I been with this guy for 6 months now and everything always went good in the beginning he always made plans and came , now for some reason I try to make plans he says he is busy then when he do decide to make plans I he never come and when I see him he always has excuses, I need him because his car during the week so should I continue playing it off till I get my car &I leave him when I get my car or what should I do because I am losing my feelings for this guy honestly


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  • You are both behaving badly. He's lost interest in you but doesn't want to tell you, and you are now pretending you are still interested so you can get free transportation. I think you deserve each other.

    • It's not even that my thing is this man tells me he loves me , cares about me and will not lie to me but constantly keep doing the same things repeatedly!

    • Pay more attention to someone's actions than their words.

    • wow , you're totally right

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  • That is just a guys behavior I do that a lot when the fact is that I do care about my girl but I enjoy torturing her and messing with her feelings.

  • I would look into other motives of transpiration.


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