Tinder response time?

So I'm back on Tinder and I've never had it for very long cuz i usually find someone elsewhere and i deactivate it.
Took about a week to get 1 match. It had come in while i was asleep, so it was a nice thing to wake up to. Later in the day I said, hello. And received no reply. About 3 days later, the message thread was gone.
Hmm, no biggie. A week later, another match and same thing happened.
I wonder if I'm waiting too long and should i just wait til they initiate a convo?
I mean they know when they have a match, shouldn't have to wait for the guy to say something, am I right? Lol


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  • You should do the first move.

    • Well i did both times... i Just didn't do it right away. Maybe the first one was horny and i didn't respond but another guy did, they meet up and then she deactivates? I assume that's what that means when i no longer see my matches, they deactivated?
      I guess I'll have to respond quickly next time, lol

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