What should I do about the cute guy from last semester?

Last semester I met a guy in the same program as me. We were lab partners and would sit together in a lot of our classes, we even went out for coffees once.
It seemed like we were really hitting it off, but when the semester ended he mentioned that he was switching programs, so this semester I haven’t really seen him, but I still have a thing for him, what should I do? Should I message him? What would I even say? We didn’t really message each other last semester, more only for lab help. We’re both kinda on the quieter shy side too so I don’t think that helps.


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  • Messages hun about something formal, ask hun for something you need, and try to get the conversation going from there, then the next day get back on something youve talked about the day before, then after that say you enjoy talking to hun and tell him you guys should go out for coffee or something, if he wants to, you are out on a date 😉

  • Date him Immediately or you'll regret it for the rest of your life.


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