How can I get the balls to kiss him already?

So I met a fella, he's fucking amazing. We are opposites, but we both try different things we like. The thing is, we've been dating for a little under a month and we haven't kissed or held hands. Just hugged. I am just wondering when I should go in for the kiss. I have thought about it before I leave his car lol, but how can I break the ice? He's super tall so I couldn't do it while we were walking. (He's 6'4 and I am 5'1) He's shy, so I am gonna be the one to break the ice? Unless I should take things slow and wait a little longer?


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  • It warms my heart to hear a woman take initiative like this šŸ˜.
    I recommend for you the ol' grandma let me clean your face trick. Tell him to come close so you can wipe something off his face. If your still nervous just take a little longer and... WHAM
    Lay one on him

    • OMG never thought of that, I will definitely do that lol. I love that idea! I will wait for the right time.

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  • Speaking from experience, if youve got balls its likely he doesn't want a kiss from you. Most guys dont want a kiss from ANYTHING with balls lol!

    All jokes aside, just wait for a moment when you can reach him and plant one on him. Dont think about it, just do it. doesn't have to be a sunset movie french kiss that lasts for 60 seconds and leaves you both breathless. Just a little peck on the lips should be enough to get his motor running! Best of luck!

    • LOL, maybe I should've put it a different way xD

      Sounds good, and what do you mean by motor running?

    • I mean the ice will be broken and he should then pursue you, get physical, etc.

  • "Sha la la la la la
    My oh my
    Looks like the boy's too shy
    Ain't gonna kiss the girl

    Sha la la la la la
    Ain't that sad
    It's such a shame, too bad"

    Just kiss him

    • Lol, yes. But I really like him, he's a sweetheart. I will just do it then :)

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