1 y

Was it the right move?

Back story been talking to this girl for over a week.
went on our first date today. by the way this might sound really childish but i'm actually 26 and she's 24 lol but yeah...

The story and the question.
So we meet up everything is going well. we are standing in quite a romantic spot just watching the world go by and chatting away, she started to fidget around a lot, play with her hair, and just acting like she was waiting for something.

Anyway after about 5 mins we started holding hand that quickly lead to me having my arm around her and we both moved in close and it was at that point we kissed, but it wasn't just one kiss it was a couple after about 10 mins we left that sport and went to get food during that we kissed again.

so was this the right move? you hear so many people say no don't kiss on the first date, and so many people say go for it if it feels right, does a kiss even mean anything anymore?

she said she enjoyed her self, admitted she likes me etc I guess I'm just over thinking it and feel like it might not have meant as much to her as it did me, although she did admit she doesn't normally kiss on the first date but she was comfortable around me and it felt natural, and yeah we are arranging to see each other again. whats all your guys and girls take on this.

Also one last question how many times do you guys date someone before you ask/ make it into a relationship?
1 y
bit of added information the first kiss was totally in the moment, not planned we had actually spoken before hand about what each other is comfortable with in terms of contact, the usual hugging etc was mentioned but either of us expected for us to kiss.
Was it the right move?
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