Would you feel offended from what I said?

I have been after him for quite some while, most of the time felt like a little puppy running after him and then one night he ignored my conversation I had enough... i simply said do you think you are too handsome? He replied yes I am so handsome that I get so many gfs... would you feel offended from what I said?


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  • Hahahaha no. If feel i put forth my energy towards someone and they message me this.
    Ill be like. " hey kudos, amigo, say no more."
    Let him be. Now its her turn ( on my case) to show her interest. I will not text, call, nor chase the girl. Until she know thst she can do more. If this continutes. Bish bye! Lol.
    No dont get offended. You forgot this world think that games, push and pull theory, and all that bring emotional manipulation to all time high. It does, once it done right.
    So if i was girl and guy told me this
    Ill say "is that so? Whats his name?"
    That will throw him off. Cause he said girls.
    Have fun with it abd once tou tired of him. Get to him when you feel like it.


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  • Yeah cause you implied that he’s not handsome enough to pay you some attention or he’s too ugly to be ignoring you.

    • Oki.. I should learn how to control my mouth when I am angry... I did apologies because I did not mean it and truly love him. Otherwise i would not have waited for him for 5 years... however I think the damage is already done.. got to move on

    • Did he accept your apology?

    • I don't know he got a new girlfriend shortly and would not really listen to me.. he told me to move on.. I said I won't bother him again... I hope that someday he do realise how much I love him even if at time I do lash out

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  • Did u kick him in the nuts after that?

    Do u still need to ask girl? OF COURSE U SHOULD

    • Haha no i wish I had the courage though... wish me luck to move on because I really need to

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    • His nuts will crack πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ thank you πŸ’•

    • No worries love, grey is everywhere (dont kick my balls, 'kay?)

      Pm later if u want.

  • No... not really?

    • I sincerely hope he did not..

  • No... not at all

  • People don't appreciate being called a narcissist

  • No I think you meant that in a joking way.. clearly he thought so too with that response!


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