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Is he for real?

So I went on a date with a guy during the summer when I went to Brazil.. I really fell for him. He told me he wished I lived there so that we can be together. Well anyways when I got back to the states I always thought about him but he never texted me.. he wished me a happy birthday and sent me a couple of snaps and that was it. I knew that in the summer I would see him again but until then why couldn’t he keep in touch? Well anyways he randomly started sending me some shirtless snaps and started asking me for pics to send back. I know I really like him to the point where I would move but sending pics feels very weird! I’m not sending him back but every time I tell him no or ignore his texts he keeps on making conversation with me like “how are you?” .. “when are you coming to Brazil?” And then after we talk a little he asks me for pics.. it’s all strange. To think I considered moving for him 🤦🏽‍♀️lol well I’m unsure if I should even answer him he sounds upset that I ignored but I can’t tell if he’s even a serious guy and if he actually likes me for me
Is he for real?
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