What's your opinion on a cheap boyfriend?

You know... the type that ends up spliting all the bills, who doesn't want to go to restaurant because anyways the food you pay for ends up being pooped out... The type who thinks streaming movies is better than going to movie theaters. Why buy clothes for yourself with your own money when your mother can bring you to shop and you don't have to take out your wallet? Otherwise, just wear ripped clothes! Seriously, this type annoyed me in the past... don't get me wrong, I could pay for my own things, but the stinginess of that person was above my limit! 😮


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  • If he doesn't have a lot of money in the first place to spend, this is normal and logical thinking. And my views personally,

    - splitting the bills - should be this way, especially early in the relationship
    - Movies - home is more comfortable and private, and cheaper is just a bonus. The movies are extremely expensive these days when you add buying popcorn etc. Like, it cost you more than a meal out even!
    - Clothes, not only do I not care about clothes at all, I HATE buying them for myself so I can totally relate to this. It just feels like I could spend my money on so many other more important things than clothes and they aren't cheap either. I hate when I have to buy clothes!

    But, I was also raised in a poor household and have never had a lot of money, so I'm always watching what I spend. Even now at this point in my life I'm making more money than I ever have, but I still watch what I spend. I know what it's like not having money and I don't ever want to be there again, or worse, be in debt!!


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  • That's not cheap I once had a boyfriend that never had any money so when ever we'd go out I had to pay for everything.
    He spent his money on junk food and other crap that he didn't need.
    All that said.

    Watching a movie at home has its advantages.
    1 you can wear your pjs
    2 it's not going to cost a small fortune.
    3 you can pause it if need be.
    4 you can drink booze.
    5 you can provide your own snacks.
    6 not having to tolerate people who are using their phones.
    7 not having to sit next to a stranger.
    8 kids misbehaving.
    9 other peoples body odor.
    10 PEOPLE in general.
    11 you can make out if the mood takes you.
    12 the couch is more comfy.

    Maybe his mum likes to buy him clothes.
    When my husband and I go out to dinner we do it with the help of an online voucher.
    Friday night is home dinner date night when I cook something special for the two of us and the kids know to leave us alone.


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  • I think he's smart. That's how you end up with money.

    • It is clever. However, there's a difference between being frugal and stingy. One saves you money, the other becomes costly to other people. Also, once you die, you can't take money with you. ;)

    • I definitely agree with you

  • hahaha match made in heaven, since i'm effectively the same. Dinner from the junk alley at a supermarket can be just as good as a 5 star restaurant.

    • I dunno, the best relationships (not romantic platonic by the way) were made by having similar interests, talking and spending time together, all which are free. Best date for me is just a picnic in the botanical gardens and a cheaky joint.

  • I’m glad I’m not this type but I’ve dated girls like this who took me for granted treated me like shit and then cheated on me never again 😤

  • Earn and spend , that's how I see it.

  • Go dig from somebody else then.

  • That's equality

  • This type is disgusting


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