How do I tell my best friend that he has NO CHANCE with this girl?

We're all coworkers and mutual friends. My best friend, let's call him Eric. Let's call this other girl, Bree. Eric is completely infatuated with Bree.

If we're talking about physical looks alone, then I'd say he's too good for her. He's fit and attractive and she's chubby. She has a nice face but chubby.

The reasons why he doesn't have a chance is because I can't see her being interested in him. And he's oblivious to it. He's a high school senior. He's 18. She's 23 and in college. I feel like he might just like her because she has big boobs but he insists he likes her for her personality.

But how can I make him understand that a 23 year old isn't going to be into an 18 year old guy?


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  • Do you know for a fact she won't like him? If so, I would get him to try and have a chance, get rejected and give up.

    • I don't know for a fact. But my best friend isn't the smartest kid on the block. Ya know? And this girl is incredibly smart. I feel like she just has higher standards. We live in a small town too, and she comes from an influential family.

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    • Confidence? Fake it till you feel it. Lol.

    • Hard to fake something you don't have :p

  • You can't and for several reasons...

    1) While its not necessarily common, its not impossible.
    B) If he is as infatuated with her as youve made him out to be then he's going to pursue her regardless
    IV) She may very well have a secret thing for popping younger guys' cherries?
    iiiiii) True love noes know bowndries!

  • Yes u r right i also think same that girl like big boys not small


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