Is he lying to me?

I was suppose to meet up with this guy tonight who I have known for years. So yesterday he asked when was he going to see me I said when are you available he said that he was free. I said either Saturday or Sunday he said Saturday. I said ok. I will text you with the time. So Saturday came and he text me and asked what time. I texted back in an hour and said 630 he said ok why so early I said ok 7 . He never responded so I called him around 630 and said are we meeting at 7 and he said he was just waking up let’s do 8 . I said ok. 10 mins before 8 he text and says his head is killing him. Now granted he has suffered from headaches in the past and suffers from high blood pressure so I said ok take something and get rest meet another time. He said ok thanks. But something kept bothering me about this. So I did a drive by his house and just so happen he is comeing out the car with his son and he sees me. So now he calls me twice. So I call back and long story short he says he went to get something to eat bc of his headache. I told well since he has a headache he doesn’t need to talk go get some rest... bc I am pissed off at this point. He said he is not finish talking I said there is nothing to talk about good night he says alright later. Did he just play me or is he telling the truth.


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  • You drove by his house? Well.. That's not creepy at all...

    Who knows, there's no reason to suggest he is lying. He could well be telling the truth, but you're making a pretty big deal of it, if I was him I'd be really turned off at this point.

    • Well no need for him to turned off by that because he has driven past my house in the past. He could tell me everything about my neighbors

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    • Yes I am because when a women is meeting up with a guy she puts a lot of effort to get ready and to tell me at the last minute when he could have to me when I called at 630 is inconsiderate

    • It's not inconsiderate if he is legitimately unwell. And you're putting in more effort now, wasting more of your time by driving by his house to check up on him and worrying about whether or not he's lying to you.

      This stuff happens. I've driven 1.5 hours to the city, only to have a girl not turn up. I didn't make a big deal about it, I just did some shopping, went home and didn't bother with her again.

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  • Hard to say. Don't judge him or do something crazy though like drive to his house🙄

  • He played you. In sorry but he totally walked out on you

  • Well things are still up. In the air you needed more hard proof just to. be certain


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