Should I talk to her?

Hi Girls.. There's a girl in my office.
I have sent her multiple requests in FB and Instagram which she never accepted.

She's online on our company chat messanger. Should I text her?


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  • In general if a girl likes a guy she will add him back, take the no response as disinterest. Multiple request on Facebook also means she probably rejected it, Facebook doesn't tell you if people reject your friend request or not.

  • Ok don't be a creeper or stalker us females don't like to blown up give a few wait till she approach u

    • I am not being a creeper.. I've just sent her request on social media. I am asking should I just send a hi to her since it's a week end and she's working from home

    • Do this... Write her and say hey how have you been i was wondering if we could go out for a coffee or a drink sometime wen your free

    • See.. I don't want to date her.. I just want to be friends with her.. Maybe just over social media. But since she's rejected my requests multiple times.. I am wondering if I should send her a text now

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