My boyfriend broke up with me, two days later he wants to get back together?

My LDR boyfriend broke up with me two days ago, he said he woke up and no longer loved to. Tonight he texted me and I gave in a replied. It lead to him saying he wanted to be with me but he felt like he didn't deserve me and he doesn't know why he said the things he did.

We have broken up before for a few days and I'm not sure if getting together again is a good idea

Should I give him a week and see if he really wants me.
Should I say no to getting back together.

I planned to say no if he asked me but I love him so much I don't know what to do

Any advice would help please and thank you.


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  • These things are hard, but I personally recommend moving forward, not backward. LDR are hard as hell, attempting that with someone who says things like that on a whim sounds like a sure fire way to get hurt in the long run.

  • Follow your heart


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