What little thing made you fall in love with her?

For me personally it's the little things that make me more attracted to a guy. Not related to looks but bahavior. I wonder if guys notice small details too. If so, what small things did you find really attractive about a girl's behavior?:)


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  • When they don't nag, complain, or blow our phones up with texts constantly. So in other words, hasn't happened yet.

    • No just tell me something that actually happened

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    • And those are the barriers every single time preventing me from falling in love. Hasn't happened yet.

    • That's sad. But believe me there are plenty chill women out there. Don't loose hope. Just because the women you've met yet were like this, doesn't mean all if them are like this

  • Well her smile that cute sweet smile made me to falk for her and also let me wait and love her for 7 years without getting love back from her😊

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    • No at end i give up as i didn't get her love😢

    • But the best part is i am happy that i loved for this long without getting something in return.
      And also even if today she smile i fall back at her and all the moments which i spent watching her play in my mind😂😍

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