Is it bad to kiss your guy friend for his birthday? If he asks for one?

Would I be a hoe if I did ? Or would people think so? He is a guy friend who likes to flirt with me he asked me today for a kiss but I just pretended to not hear him. Would if be bad ? what's your opinion OK or hoe ish lol ?


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  • 'hoe ish?' for giving a kiss? *stare* hardly.

    If he's your buddy and you don't think it would be 'gross' (some guys friends I have are like brothers to me and it would siomply be WRONG to lip kiss them) then give him his birthday kiss.

    No biggie.

  • not at all hoeish! I would do that if I had a guy friend and it was his birthday but what's this thing saying that he wants to kiss you when it wasn't his brithday?