Would you wait for something not ready for a relationship?

He is a sweet and shy guy. I know he is going through a lot right now. Bad past relationship, big life decision ahead of him in the next couple of months and trusts issues. He told me that he whats to be friends right now because life is stressing him out and that he would not be a good boyfriend at the moment, so not ready for a relationship and a commitment. What do you guys think?
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It's been 12 days, still no contact from him...


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  • Is he really special for you? What is the reason for wait? What is the reason for go away? Ask yourself. You could wait a month and you could be happy with him. Or you could wait forever. What about wait to some date and if it doesn't work at that time, go away.

    • He told me he likes me but really is not ready for a relationship. That he needs to work on himself. Going away because I want more for this relationship, waiting because he seems honest and I can't imagine not having him around. He is special to me

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    • I got no news from him for 32 days now. I heard he was talking to other girls. Shame on me...

    • He got into a relationship 2 months after we stop talking.. so great!

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