Should I give him a chance?

I really like this boy in my P. E. class, but the problem is he just recently broke up with one of my friends. The reason why being because she liked his best friend and wanted to be with him. I think I'm starting to like him because of his funny and sweet personality, but I also am someone he trusts. I was the person he looked up to when she admitted that she liked his friend but also he discussed his feelings to me about her. Should I back off of him because she's my friend (I never asked her if she would be okay with me being with him, we only see each other for about 35 minutes on Tuesdays and Fridays... that and I'm scared to.) or give it a chance? We were talking about his old crush that's in my chorus, and he said he didn't like her anymore. He said he was "going through his selections". I'm not sure if he's into me or not :\



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  • She clearly didn't care about this guy you like. I think the choice is yours. If you like him go for it. It's not like she has hard feelings about him. If it does bother her then she's just selfish trying to hold on to them all lol.

  • If you like each other then go for it, but it would be polite to talk it through with your friend first as she might still have feelings for him and might be hurt by it


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