How should I approach my him about this?

So I started my job 6months ago and it fair to say we had a instant connection, he blow me away with how chivalrous and good hearted he was. I do fall for guys very easily not going to lie but he was so different he really made me feel comfortable and welcome and that I could trust him and that's something not many people can do with me as I'm usually very shy and kept to myself but when I'm with him I feel I can be myself to some degree.

I know he feels the same as when were together I can feel it, if that makes sense and others have seen it too, it's became something all my co workers joke about now and from my co workers joking about it I can tell he likes me because he never denies it.

I told myself not to go there as we work so closely together and thought it's a bad idea as if it doesn't work out it could mess things up really badly. But it becoming something neither of us can or want to stop. Now are feelings for each other are so obvious we just don't see the point anymore of trying to deny it but were still not doing anything about it and have not really had a actual sit down talk, face to face about were we stand with each other and after 6 months I think it's getting to the time were we actually say no let's put a end to this and put are job first or we should at least give it a try but not tell the other co workers and keep are work life and personal life separate, I just want us to be serious and straight up with each other for a second and stop just flirting and acting all silly about it, but I don't know how to address this to him and not feel or make him feel awkward and nervous.
Sorry about the title I was going to but "my co worker" but changed it to "him" instead and forgot to take out "my"


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  • I'm torn on whether or not you should actually do this. I had a connection with a girl like this recently, but because of school and her boyfriend we had to put an end to it. You tell yourself its for the best, but I still don't feel good about it. Its a pyrrhic victory. You're left with an empty feeling knowing you just missed out on an extremely rare person. A person who is on the same wavelength as you. That is not something you just find everyday.

    Jobs are plentiful, people like that are not.
    Don't make the same mistake.


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  • What I understood from your first and second para is that things were looking good, the signs were pretty clear as well.

    What I can suggest you need to be honest and upfront to him and make things clear to him, there is no real way of not making him feel awkward as such, maybe he will feel awkward but with time he will understand. Being honest and upfront is the best way to go about things.

  • Hell I say you keep your private lives separated from your work lives. Nosey co-workers can cause problems if they know to much. But here is a piece of advice. If you are going to keep it a secret tell know one.

  • If you both like each other you should consider talking to him don't miss chance , coworkers will know anyway


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