How to ask this guy out?

So there's this guy in my college that is very attractive and he kinda resembles the character eward cullen from the twilight movie. He's tall and always dresses up well. I had him in a couple of classes and every-time I tried to flirt with him it's like I don't exist but when i spoke to him about homework he helps me out. I have seen other girls try to flirt with him but, he doesn't seem to care. I tried to search him up on social media but I could never find him. Is he single? should I ask him out, and how?


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  • He isn't interested in you in that way. He doesn't like flirting and probably isn't interested in dating. One thing your doing wrong already is this:

    1. You're only after HIM for his looks.
    2. Your only trying to get his attention because of a resemblance to a fictional character. No offense, but that is very weird.
    3. You're trying to flirt with him. [It's clear that he's like me: don't like people who flirts] And you can clearly tell he doesn't like it. Why push what he doesn't like?
    4. You're stalking him. That is very, very, bad.

    Yes, he more and likely is single. If your REALLY SERIOUS about getting to know him. BE FRIENDS FIRST!!! Do not rush into dating him. He knows exactly what you trying to do and he doesn't like it. STOP IT. I highly believe that he is an ISTJ. And if memories serve correctly, ISTJ's a direct people. Their not emotionally outward people, and don't like to flirt. Nor do they like it. They want stable minded people and are on their level. And they also want people to be DIRECT to them. 'Just the fact's ma'am', is who your dealing with here. So, if you want something, you got to tell it to them directly to their face. EVERYthing you want from them. There is no HOW. You just DO. They're motto: You want something, go GET IT!

    So if you want to ask him out. Just ASK HIM OUT. Enough with the flirting crap. They're not stupid. And neither is he a mindreader. See how you spoke to him about homework and he immediately helps you out? You told him what you want. So tell him what you want.


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  • Sometimes it's best to just do it the old school way and find an event or something that you think he would like (do some research if you want to go the extra mile to find out what his interests are) and invite him to it. If all goes well and he agrees you guys will exchange numbers.

  • If he is not flirting I think he is committed


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