Do you get jealous when your partner has a celebrity crush?

In my last relationship my boyfriend would hate that I listened to Shawn Mendes he would get so jealous which was cute but I never really understood why because I don't know Shawn personally and probably won't ever meet him. Now I'm in this kinda relationship with a friend and he too is jealous of Shawn and I've told him that I don't even know him so why does it matter.
So have you ever been in this position? What do you do?


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  • my ex was obsessed with mila kunis. it only became an issue to me when he joked that he was jealous that ashton kutcher married her because he wanted to. it was more hurtful than made me jealous...

    but i think it's an age and maturity thing. the fact that they don't like that you even listen to shawn mendes is so stupid tho! unless you sit around talking about how obsessed you are with him i don't understand the issue lol

    • No I don't talk about how I'm obsessed with Shawn. I'm thinking maybe because I used to post pictures of him on my snap but it still doesn't make sense to me.

    • yeaa that's a little weird lol but boys are always a little weird especially at your age :p i think if he like asks you not to listen to the music that's an issue and pushing into a "too controlling" range.

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  • What? That's just immature. Everyone has a celeb crush. My ex was crazy over Harry Styles. I saved and bought a 1D tickets for her and her sister. He's being ridiculous


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