First date with this girl in my class?

So I have been overweight my whole life, finally started hitting the gym, lost it(took over a year) and gained some confidence.

I asked this girl if she wanted to go out for dinner with me. First I was really weirded out by her response. Like instantly when the words came out of my mouth she said "Sure! Where are we going?"

I was a little thrown off because I am so used to being rejected, I responded

"IDK what do you like"(I didn't actually use the acronym)

She then noticed her roommate, pointed her out. Said something about school, then something else totally unrelated, and finally said

"Umm, I don't know, we'll figure it out."

What the hell should I make out of all this?

Anyway, I know that spending too much money is a bad idea on a first date. What level restaurant should I take her to? I know of this really charming place about 15 minutes out of town(college town), but it will probably cost around $60 for the both of us, is that too much? There are plenty of places around town that we can go, but any nice place will be crowded or just as expensive.

I would really like to cook her something because I know that's more romantic, should I bring that up as an alternative?

And finally, I am pretty friendly with this girl, so I am a little afraid that she may have taken this as a friendly invite, how can I be sure she knows this is a date?

Again I have never done anything like this before(I know embarrassing), so any tips would be highly appreciated


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  • No, don't cook for her on a first date, that might be a little bit much

    $60 isn't too expensive at all. But don't cross the 60 line cause then she might be a bit weirded out at the restaurant when the expensive menu


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  • Hey congrats on the weight loss, I too have shed weight this year, downsized from a size 8 to a 4. Loving skinny jeans!

    Just keep it low key on a first date, nothing too fancy or you'll set yourself up to maintain that on the 2nd, 3rd date etc...

    I'd say take her out to the movies and go for a light snack or something fun like skating, let her see your playful side, you can't really do that over dinner, it gets kinda formal and awkward trying to keep convo going.

    As for insuring its a date, you're going out alone so she should get the hint from that.


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  • This is much off topic but how did you lose the weight man? I am trying to do the samething.

    • What I mean what did you do?

    • Gym 4 days a week, 1200 calorie diet. Lost 80 pounds last year. Still working on the last 15, they're a bitch!!!!