Is it weird being fidgety when kissing? Guys! Girls?

I am a 15 year old girl and haven't kissed a boy on the lips.

I want to save it for some-one special when I am 21 cause all the boys in my grade a immature. I'm single and want to stay that way till 21. So I basically don't have experience. What will guys think?

Do guys really believe in love?

Do guys really fall in love?

What will they think of me?


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  • I think most guys will find it weird that you waited for a specific age to have your first kiss. You're young at the moment, but I think once you grow and gain other life experience, you will place less importance on kissing.

    I kissed a guy when I was around 11 or 12 just to get it over with, the kiss itself was predictably bad but I've never regretted it because it just didn't matter to me. It also meant I could gain experience before kissing someone I cared about and have it not be a complete mess.

    • No. I am not getting upset. I am just being opened minded, just like you are.

      Thanks for sharing!

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  • I'm 19 and still haven't kissed a girl!

    I didn't make a certain age when I was going to kiss a girl but I just want to make it someone special!

    And I do think you are right. You should wait for that right guy because most guys around your age just want to jump from girl to girl!

    Just don't let anyone change your opinion on it and keep your head up high (:

    • Don't worry that's what I intend to do. Wait for that special some-one. Thank you.,

  • Good on you! You don't have to rush into anything.

    • Thank you!

      Just want to hear a guy's opinion, do guys really fall in love?

    • Yes we do. There are shallow guys out there but there's also guys who can be really deep and meaningful.

    • Helped a lot. Thank you!

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  • awww, sweets, its just a kiss... pretty soon you're going to want that kiss... its just a kiss, its not sex. now sex, that's understandable to wait for. I mean, its hard to come across someone whose a virgin, but they are out there wanting to wait for that "special someone"

    • I'm sorry I disagree with you. A kiss is something special, when you know at that exact moment when every-thing changes and you feel like your head is lost in space, sex is special to but I'm far from even thinking about that. I know a lot of people who want to save their first kiss.

      I guess we all have different opinions.

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    • First kisses are blaaggh

    • Wow... no need to get upset. you believe what you believe. I'm just sharing my opinion is all. and if you can't take what other people have to say than honestly, you should just delete your account. this is what this site is for... mk pumpkin? :)

      haha sunshine! for sure are

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